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I want to start a Small Business but I am broke!

     I have a great idea for a small business.I have done all of my homework such as a business plan, market testing and everything else you can think of that is free because I am tight on cash. Long story short I have a full time job and a family of four with two of my girls getting ready to go to college. That word alone makes my stomach turn “College” to me this word equals a lot of F****** MONEY, money that I don’t have.

     I have a plan! Since 2008 its been very difficult to get a small business lone but now this is no longer the case.Many small business owners and entrepreneurs are turning to online business loans to get their dreams/business off the ground. The advantages of using Online lenders are higher approval rates, faster processing and outstanding customer service.

     Online lenders have higher approval rates because they evaluate businesses and start ups differently then a traditional bank would. For example, the old school way, is looking at the owners credit score and basing the decision off of that. Online lenders look at cash flow statements, the businesses credit score and other information that is useful for determining the health of a business. Online lenders can also approve your loan within a day and also have the money in your account within 48 hours. Now thats what I call customer service. With my funds on the way I have hope again that one day my dreams will come true.

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