Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I consider using these leads?

Our leads will guarantee you that you are no longer wasting your time prospecting. A high quality list of Sales Leads will help even a rookie find new customers and earn more money! Please don’t forget, these sales leads are just the beginning, you will still need to run these leads through your sales process

List accuracy?

Expect 100% accuracy, why pay for anything less then that. Most people think that sales leads and databases are 100% accurate. This is simply not true. Businesses come and go on a daily basis, so maintaining 100% accuracy is a difficult task.

Every lead in our database has been verified and will be verified again before it’s delivered to you.



The other guys say “We Can’t Qualify Every Lead”.

This is true. They do not qualify every lead in their database. Our question to you is, why pay for someone to do a half ass job? The FACT is that 99% of all sales leads are not pre-qualified.

How much does it cost?

Example Below:

1,000 Leads = $1,000

5,000 Leads = $4,000

10,000 Leads = $7,000

20,000 Leads = $9,000

Minimum order of at least 1,000 leads.
An order of 2,000 leads for example would fall under the first level of our pricing structure which is below 5,000 leads. 
For an additional .25 cents per lead, we will also provide you with
"Name Verification" call and ask for the person you’re targeting no more calling prospects and wasting time trying to find the right person you need to speak with.
You will have 3 business day's to notify us and receive your money back,