College Entrepreneurs: Breaking the Mold

By Sean Johnson


     As young college students there are many things that are running through our minds. We are thinking about how to pay for our tuition, whether or not you are going to pass that Calculus class that is taking a toll on you, and what the future is going to be like once you graduate from college. It could be very overwhelming with all the major decisions that you would have to make, especially at a stage of your life where you don’t have much life experience. At times it seems it just not fair at all! Many college students have plans on hoping to get hired from some big time company. However, thousands of college students throughout the United States are not able to find any work once they have graduated. The job outlook seems very dim with a dark cloud overshadowing many student graduates. That is why more college graduates are starting to think outside of the box. Instead of dishing resumes left and right, they are taking up the challenge on starting their own businesses.

     In this poor economy, entrepreneurship is starting to become more popular to more college graduates and some are even find success with it. It’s giving them the opportunity to really test their skills and challenge them to see if they have what it takes to be a successful business owner. As young people, you most likely don’t have all the responsibilities that older adults have and if things don’t work out with your business in the long run, you won’t have so much to lose. Even if you realize that entrepreneurship is not your thing and would rather work for an employer, those employers would be impressed with the knowledge and skills you have gain when you started your own business. According to US News: Money, one in three employers are seeking college graduates who have had some experience with entrepreneurship. Hearing such news sounds very encouraging for those interested in embarking on the entrepreneurial journey. You could become a role model for many other college students who aspire to take control of their own destiny.

     When you start a business, it will give you the opportunity to build your network. You will be able to establish relationships with various customers, partners, potential investors, and so forth. Once you graduate, this network will come in handy for you in the long-term. If you start a business while in college, there would be no need to go applying for jobs since you already created one for yourself. Just imagine how satisfying that would be?

     There was a survey that was conducted by CT Corporation that found out that more than half of recent college graduates want to open their own businesses. Out of the 50 graduates surveyed, 45 percent of the students think they will most likely create their own business after they graduated and one in five college grads started a business before graduating. Despite the fact that a lot of those graduates really wanted to create their own business, two-thirds of them reported they do not have a thorough understanding on how to incorporate a business. More than half of them also said that they have no clue how to do a business plan, marketing plan or get a domain name for their business’s website. This shows even though that many college students love the idea of being the captain of their own ship, they don’t necessarily know how to turn their burning passion into a reality.

     Ambitious college students wanting to be entrepreneurs need to keep in mind it’s not always about the business itself, but more about your personal growth and the valuable lessons you get from living the lifestyle of an entrepreneur. As young people, they are filled with energy, excitement and a fresh outlook on life in general. On the other hand, they tend to lack credibility because they have not fully established themselves. However, there is no need to worry because if you remain focused and work towards accomplishing your goals, you will soon earn you deserved credibility. Over time you will build your character and inspire others to follow your footsteps. We need more leaders in the world to change society for the better, and there is great potential in the youth. Always remember, have integrity, persistence and optimism. You never will it will lead you to in the future…

Whatever you can do, or dream you can, begin it. Boldness has genius, power and magic in it. – Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

CCLG, LLC would like to give a special thanks to Sean Johnson for writing this blog post.